2018 Exhibitions: Wide Open Spaces NOVA @ The Art House Cafe, Cromer

I’m not doing as much exhibiting this year as in 2017, but will be curating a show for NOVA this summer. Details below and hope to see you there. An invite for the Private View is attached. My fellow artists are:

  • Susan Purser-Hope(glass)
  • Susanne Lakin (mixed media collage)
  • Lesley Ash (sculpture)
  • Margaret Studley (painting)
  • Des Clover (painting)
  • John Midgley (painting)
  • Maggie Lee (mixed media)
  • Shane@artesane (digital art)
  • Tony Keeler (print & paint)
  • Angie Maddigan (Print & paint)
  • John Rance (sculptural painter)
  • Christopher Sharpe (painter)
  • Beverley Scott (mixed media)



Art House Cafe Private View invitation.jpg

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