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About my prints

My prints were produced using a variety of techniques including collagraph, drypoint, etching, monotypes, chine-collé, lino & vinyl-cut printing. I printed off aluminium, mount-board, acetate, plaster and wood substrates and also experimented with vitreographs: sandblasting designs onto glass plates.

My prints were produced on a Rollaco press using archival-quality papers, tissues and inks, my preferred papers being by Hahnemuhle and Fabriano. I only produced hand-pulled prints in small editions of 3 or 5. Some prints were one-offs, marked ‘UP’ for Unique Print. Many prints were embellished, often with metal leaf, and had hand-painted detail, with heavy embossing on hand-made papers, often with overlays.

I ceased my printmaking in 2020, though still have a few remaining prints from my limited editions – so when they’re gone, they’re gone.

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